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Privacy Policy

The Kanazawa Culture and Sports Commission (hereinafter referred to as “the Commission”) sets forth this Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) with regard to the treatment of user information, including but not limited to personal information, from users of the Commission’s official website (hereinafter referred to as “the Website”), as follows;
1 Definition of User Information
For purposes of this Policy, “User information” means information that can be used to identify a specific individual by a name, address, date of birth, gender, phone number, email address, other descriptions obtained or provided through the Website (including information that can be used to identify a specific individual by checking against other information), and history of actions in the Website and other information created or accumulated in relation to users or their devices, that are collected by the Commission pursuant to this Policy.
2 Collection of User Information
(1) The Commission collects user information through the Website, based on the provision (registration) of information at the user’s own will.
(2) Some of the pages on the Website use cookies.
Cookies are information that is sent from the server to the user’s browser and stored on the user’s computer in order for the website provider to identify the user’s computer. Cookies can be used to collect information such as the number of visits and pages visited by the user’s computer.
Please note that we do not use cookies to collect any information capable of identifying individual users.
It is also possible for users to disable the cookie function in their browser settings. The Website can be used as normal even if the cookie function is disabled.
(3) The Website uses Google Analytics to understand the traffic visiting the Website. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect user data. Please refer to the Google Analytics website for details on its terms of service and privacy policy .

3 Purpose of Use

Specific purposes of use of the User Information are as follows:
(1) guidance and response to inquiries relating to the service provided by the Commission; and
(2) measurement of traffic and actions of the user.

4 Restricted Use of User Information

The user information provided (registered) by users shall be used within the scope of the purpose of use specified in advance. The information collected shall not be used by ourselves or provided to a third party for any purpose other than the intended purpose of use, except when there is a disclosure request based on law and regulations, in the event of any illegal activity such as unauthorized access and threats, or for other special reasons.
However, we may publish statistically processed data or comments regarding the access information on the Website, suggestions/comments to the Commission, and personal attributes related to these.

5 Management of User Information

The personal information collected from users shall be strictly managed by the Commission. Appropriate measures are taken to prevent any leakage, diversion, and falsification of such information.

6 Scope

This Policy applies only to the Website (directories under http://www.kanazawa-csc-kk.jp/).

7 Review of Personal Information Protection

For the handling of user information, the content of each item mentioned above shall be reviewed and improved as appropriate.
The content of this Policy may be revised without prior notice.


All information (e.g., texts, photos, illustrations) posted on the Website, and the entire Website are protected by copyright law. Such information cannot be reprinted, reproduced, or sold without the permission of the copyright holder, except as permitted by copyright law.


The Commission makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information posted on the Website. However, the Commission assumes no responsibility for any actions that users perform using the information on the Website.
The Commission shall not be liable for any damages or losses incurred by users as a result of accessing the Website or linked pages.
The contents of the Website may be changed or deleted without notice.

Links to the Website

In principle, links to the Website may be made without permission. However, links from the following websites are not permitted:
(1) Those contrary to public order or good morals;
(2) Those that may mislead or confuse the viewer when making a judgment;
(3) Those that defame or slander the Commission or a third party, or could potentially be regarded as such;
(4) Those that infringe the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of the Commission or a third party, or could potentially be regarded as such;
(5) Those that invade or may invade the property, honor, personal rights, or privacy of the Commission or a third party.