Kanazawa Culture and Sports Commission

Kanazawa Culture and Sports Commission


Financial incentive to invite and/or hold an event, securing a venue, etc.

Financial incentive and subsidy program to invite sports and cultural events to Kanazawa.

Kanazawa City is working with the Kanazawa Culture and Sports Commission to increase the number of state-level and international-level competitions held in Kanazawa, and offers a financial incentive to involved local organizations as well as subsidies for the hosting costs to the organizing entity.

  • About repeat events, the subsidy can now be applied to up to 3 consecutive years (before: 1 year only)
  • About the shuttle bus : the subsidy can now be applied if there are more than 300 participants and spectators from out of the prefecture (before: from 1,000 participants from out of the prefecture)
(1) Conditions of issuance
  1. Hold an event which main venue is to be in Kanazawa City.
  2. Hold an event which scale should be bigger than the 3 Hokuriku prefectures (Ishikawa, Fukui, Toyama), and gather more than 50 people from out of Ishikawa.
  3. Hold an event in tandem with the Kanazawa Culture and Sports Commission from planning to hosting the event.
  4. Hold an event that will promote the local culture and sports, will become familiar to locals and can be expected to generate some economic ripple (Please work with us for inquiries such as questionnaires, etc.).
  5. Hold an event which aims at improving and developing the cultural and sports skills of the participants.
  6. Hold an event where there will be interaction with the local inhabitants and organizations.
(2) Amount that may be issued

* For International Events (with more than 20 foreign participants), the amounts below will be doubled.

What Scale of the cultural/sports event ⅰAmount of the financial incentive for local organization ⅱAmount of the subsidy for the organizing entity
Amount in accordance with the number of participants from out of Ishikawa Prefecture 50 - 299 people 100,000 JPY 50,000 JPY
300 - 499 people 300,000 JPY 150,000 JPY
500 - 699 people 500,000 JPY 250,000 JPY
700 - 999 people 700,000 JPY 350,000 JPY
1,000 -1,499 people 1,000,000 JPY 500,000 JPY
1,500 -1,999 people 1,500,000 JPY 750,000 JPY
2,000 people -             2,000,000 JPY 1000,000 JPY
Additional amount in accordance with the increase in tourists 2,000 -2,999 people 100,000 JPY 50,000 JPY
3,000 -4,999 people 200,000 JPY 100,000 JPY
5,000 -6,999 people 300,000 JPY 150,000 JPY
7,000 people -             400,000 JPY 200,000 JPY
(3) Other subsidies for organizing entities
  1. Shuttle bus fees (there must be over 300 participants and spectators to the event): 1/3 of the fee (maximum amount: 500,000 Yen)
    • For the costs of a bus rental to move between venue, hotel, station, etc.
  2. Demonstration of traditional arts during receptions, etc.: 2/3 of the fee (maximum amount: 300,000 JPY)
    • For the costs of performance fees, artists’ traffic expenses, transport of material, etc for welcoming event, reception, etc. in Kanazawa (at least 20 participants must be present at the event, and at least half of them but be from out of the Prefecture.)
  3. Kanazawa Craft Tourism : 2/3 of fees (maximum amount 200,000 JPY)
    • For the costs of visiting, doing a workshop, hiring a translator, hiring a staff for explanations, etc., bus rental, venue rental, to hold visits and workshops about Kanazawa’s traditional culture in the city’s crafts institutions or ateliers (craft, art, gastronomy).
  4. Hiring of simultaneous translator: 1/2 of the salary (maximum amount 150,000 JPY) + 1/2 of material and operating costs (maximum amount: 150,000 JPY)
    • For the costs of paying the translator, travel expenses, material and operating costs in case of hiring a simultaneous translator.

Below are cases where subsidy will NOT be issued:

  1. Events that are seen as promoting activities for religion or politics, promoting one’s own industry and/or commercial gain, or when the Mayor judges the event’s goal inadequate.
  2. When the State or Local Government is organizer or co-organizer, or that they are involved in the organization.
  3. If you are already receiving or planning on receiving a subsidy from Kanazawa City or affiliates.
  4. If the event had been decided and validated previously and the event is part of a series of events
  5. If your event has already received financial aid during that fiscal year.
  6. If it is the 4th consecutive time that your event benefits from the program.

Underlined are adjustments that were made to the program in 2019. (in Japanese only)

2019 Program outline PDF | Financial incentive for events

Securing a venue

  • Contact us to secure a venue or facilities that will be needed for your cultural and/or sports event.
  • Municipal facilities can be booked on a priority basis. (Contact us before September of the year before the event)

Appealing to hosting organizations

  • If you wish to invite or promote your to-be-held event to state-level organizations and host organizations, we can help you set-up visits for executives so that they may see the preparations, facilities, previous events, etc., a year or more in advance. 
  • We can also accompany you to host organizations’ board meetings or general assemblies, etc., to appeal the quality of the support program.