Kanazawa Culture and Sports Commission

Kanazawa Culture and Sports Commission


Support for development, exchange, promotion, etc.

Developing and increasing the fan population of the event

Come to us for information on how to use the opportunity to do some promotion.

We think that there needs to be an increase in the fan population, be it actors or spectators. Come to us for advice on how to appeal to and make people come who didn’t use to be interested, or who have never seen events live, etc.

  • During the Kyudo competition, we made and handed out a guidebook, in Japanese and English, so that people could understand the event better. It was paid for through crowdfunding, and contributors were offered special seats with a specialist’s commentary.
  • For the first “Hang in there” campaign, we had a “bento picture contest”, where we collected pictures from the general public, which we then exhibited during national swimming and badminton competitions, where we had visitors vote for their favorite picture.

Exchange activities with locals and local organizations

Please contact us about organizing exchange activities for participants and locals and/or local organizations. (Organizing exchange events is one of the conditions to receive a financial incentive or a subsidy for inviting cultural and sports to Kanazawa.)

Exchange activities examples
  • Workshops for parents and children at the venue
  • Seats with commentary
  • Edition and distribution of a brochure to explain rules, things not to miss, etc.
  • Proactively inviting people to attend an event, in the city and the prefecture
  • Recruiting kid supporters, operating volunteers, volunteer translators, etc.

PR / Promotion

We can help you make timely promotion activities through press release, webpage or SNS for milestones like the confirmation of an event, recruitment of participants, pre-event promotion, etc.