Kanazawa Culture and Sports Commission

Kanazawa Culture and Sports Commission


Making your event a Kanazawa experience

Hospitality and presentation Kanazawa-style

Kanazawa Traditional Performing Arts (Example)

  • Kagatobi

  • Kagashishimai

  • Kanazawa Subayashi Performances

  • Kaga Hosho Noh

  • Yakkogyoretsu

  • Kagamanzai

  • We can sell paper bags that is suitable for storing the program for 100 yen.

    A paper bag

Consultation on Kanazawa sightseeing, traffic, accommodation, etc.

Marketing (implementation of joint survey and sharing of results)

  • It is possible to jointly carry out questionnaires to participants and spectators and share analysis results.

    Conduct a survey jointly and share the results


  • Consultation is possible about support of Ishikawa prefecture and Kanazawa city.
  • Please contact us for lunch box arrangement, kitchen car arrangement, product booth, etc.